Us and those who were...

The vocal trio Nevesta’s Voice interprets folk songs in their purest form - just the voices and stories.

Traveling through vocal traditions from Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe,

The Baltic and Anatolian regions, the group is driven by a lively curiosity

in European roots and the people of the past.

Debut album

Mother Tongues

Mother tongues is a tribute to the human universality across time and distances, centering around motherhood. At the same time, the title also represents all the different languages which are being sung in.

We have collected a number of stories, songs and lullabies from different European singing traditions; ranging from the very north of Lapland over Scandinavia to the Baltics, and Eastern and Central Europe. The interpretations of these traditions draws inspiration from the tonal language of European folk music, church music and modern rhythmical music.

"The trio has chosen minimalism

by proposing arrangements based essentially on the three voices, sometimes supported by an accordion or a Celtic harp.

The depth, power and sensual beauty of the three voices give a feeling of sincerity and warm emotion in this troubled period of our planet."

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