We do concerts in venues, churches, living rooms or put together a special program with a focal point - fx womans songs. 


Venues and festivals


Live performance is at the center of the folksong tradition and of Nevesta’s Voice.

We create intimate and narrative concerts at both big and small venues. The music is complemented by stories associated with the songs and their home countries. We sing both acapella and accordion, Celtic harp and hand percussion accompaniment.




Folk songs in the church 

Certain repertoire in traditional folk music is especially suited for the acousitcs of churches; likewise we have composed a special set of lullabies and religious songs from all over Europe.

For centuries, the church has been an important musical meeting point between folk songs and religious hymns. In our church concerts we select repertoire from both traditions which complement each other historically and contextually. 


Living room concerts 

Living rooms concerts are an intimate and easy way to experience music and to us it is an important part of sharing folk songs and stories.

The concert is very much on the hosts premise and can be an occasion to invite friends, neighbours and friends to a unique musical experience.

We gladly combine the concert with a song sharing and teach the audience a song. Contact us and hear more about becoming a host.